My Background

My personal journey of self-development, which has seen me transition from a London Litigator to becoming a Primal Health Coach, is one that I am both incredibly proud of & grateful.  


After experiencing both the intensity and fast-paced rhythms of corporate life in the City of London, I decided to step away from corporate habits & turned to a slower paced, closer to Nature nomadic life & 'purposeful travels' in the pursuit of (and be able to share) holistic happiness.


My travels and trainings across some of the world's 'spiritual capitals' have enabled to me to lovingly launch Coached by Charlène, which offers flexible programs (for both individuals & corporations) for those looking for results when it comes to improving their health on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels!


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Coached by Charlene’ takes its inspiration from the five elements, with these straight-from-source principles forming the basis as to how I hold space, support and heal.


The pillars of my programs are directly linked to Air, Water, Earth, the Spirit, and Fire.

  • Air is attributed to breath work and Pranayama (breathing techniques)

  • Water covers ice-bathing and fasting

  • Earth related to the Primal Diet, earthing and grounding

  • Spirit is all about meditation techniques

  • Fire is used to represent Tantra and sacred sexuality as well as sun exposure

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Also, heavily-inspiring Coached by Charlene, is my most recent qualification in Primal Health Coaching.


Simplified, Primal Health Coaching recommends living by Ten Primal Laws, centered on a scientifically validated wellness plan that mimics the lifestyle of our ancestors and supports our genetic evolutionary blueprint with real-food, low-carb eating, inspired movement, play, presence and stress-reduction.

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Please note that as your Health Coach, I provide education, guidance and tips on healthy living and my recommendations are not medical advice or a substitute for diagnosis or treatment that a physician, doctor, licensed dietitian, physical therapist or health care professional might recommend.

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