The Signature 12-week Health Hack coaching program guides you in transitioning to a Paleo Diet, transforming your quality of sleep, incorporating Primal movement, Breathwork, learning mediation technique & gaining tools and techniques that will serve you for the rest of your life. 

This program includes Biohacks to Optimise Sleep, hormones, circadian rhythms and minimise EMF radiation.


This program includes:

- Weekly calls 121 with me; 

- Email support/material to get you started and personalized answers to your questions; 

- Weekly personalized email;

- Food guides & shopping lists;

- A pantry cleanse either at your home or online;

- An introduction to primal essential movements;

- Introduction to meditation techniques;

- Mindfulness & breathwork techniques.





Hack your N=1

This program enables you to consolidate all the hard work and fully integrate the Diet as well as a lifestyle & Movements that comes with Primal living - it includes all the above mentioned in the other programs and in addition we look in-depth and details at your eating habits, I will coach you on prolonged fasting periods once your body is Keto/fat adapted, give you personalised breath-work sessions, a meditation plan will be designed and you can choose from one call or two calls a week with me throughout the length of the program. 

This program is the most personalised Primal Health & Biohacking Coaching and will include a full review of Genes, Hormones, Microbiome, Elements & Enviro Toxins tests to support you on the most bespoke Health Coaching experience and maximise results.


This program includes personalised supplements recommendations & advances biohacks to optimise your health & human experience! 


Please note this exclusive program is upon application only


All programs can be extended  for consolidation & maintenance and weekly review/motivational calls with me.



This 12-Week program is designed for couples and includes all the above (if VIP options is chosen) for Mr & Mrs, Mrs & Mrs or Mr & Mr! 


Please note that as your Health Coach, I provide education, guidance and tips on healthy living and my recommendations are not medical advice or a substitute for diagnosis or treatment that a physician, doctor, licensed dietitian, physical therapist or health care professional might recommend.

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