From Greek Philosophy to the ancient India Spiritualism & Mysticism – as well as Taoist Chinese medicine to South American Shamanic practices – for centuries spiritual & intellectual cultures have recognised & honoured the existence of five basic elements. 

I have described below the five elements & how they relate to my coaching programs:

1. Air. Air is a masculine principle associated with movement. Occasionally referred to as the wind element, air is all about agility and ‘the winds of change. 

In my coaching program, air relates to my Breathworks sessions and Breathing techniques (Pranayama) as I believe that learning to breathe consciously is a fundamental aspect of Holistic Health - if not the most essential part. We can live a few weeks without food, perhaps a few days without water but only minutes without breathing. Breathing is the source of life, energy and vitality and it is at the forefront of all my programs.

2. Water. Personally, water is my favorite element - my parents lovingly tell me tales of my childhood according to which I could swim before I could walk! - a feminine principle and the element associated with emotion. Water asks us to ride the tides of or feelings, permits us to feel, and teaches us to go with the flow.


In my coaching program, water relates to Emotional Release (as opposed to recycling emotion); learning how to tap into and own vulnerability, shifting perspective to see it as a strength and not a weakness,  setting yourself free from recycled emotions.

The Water element has also inspired my Water Fasting program as well as Watsu Water  rituals.  

3. Spirit. While doing our inner work, we must remember that part of our journey is to connect into something higher, bigger and more expansive in consciousness than what we experience in the daily; and this is our work to honour the fifth element – or the spirit.

In my coaching program, spirit relates to my guiided and recorded meditation techniques, llearning to become more aware, present, grounded and anchored in the moment. This Element has inspired me to incorporate mindfulness techniques in all my programs, from meditation, conscious living, Yoga Nidra (or Yogic Sleep) to gratitude practises and journaling. 

4. Earth. The second feminine element is earth, the element of stability, abundance, our foundation, fertility and stillness.

In my coaching program, earth relates to the Primal Diet (eating close to the source, Nature) as well as Earthing & grounding techniques and rituals.

This Element has also inspired me to incorporate Primal Movements into the program to move the body often (mimicking our ancestors’ lifestyle ).

5. Fire. What movement is to air, emotion is to water and grounding is to earth; creation is to Fire. Fire offers light, warmth, guidance in the dark – & community.

In my coaching program, fire relates to sexuality, passion and pleasure. I do believe that living a life filled with pleasure and passion is key and therefore encourage an orgasmic lifestyle! Pleasure is - and can be - everywhere. Thorough my coaching programs & sessions, I  invite my coaches to become more aware of all their senses & embark on sensorial experiences. This is where my Tantric learnings & experiences come in and that I invite my coaches to learn more about the Art of Intimacy and Tantric living. If Tantra is a new concept to you I will give you a little intro right here: Tantra is where sexuality meets spirituality & I firmly believe that a healthy relationship towards sexuality is a key aspect to Holistic Health. 


Please note that as your Health Coach, I provide education, guidance and tips on healthy living and my recommendations are not medical advice or a substitute for diagnosis or treatment that a physician, doctor, licensed dietitian, physical therapist or health care professional might recommend.

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